SLUGMAG Reviews Elias Black

Posted on 05 March 2016

"At its heart, the album feels like barbed wire wrapped around a baseball bat that is used to thump the hordes of mainstream, radio-friendly zombies."

"There have been attempts across the years to create a definitive passing of crowns between the dark alternative thrashings of the ‘90s and the current, pop-saturated guitar dribble of the present. The multi-functioning and talented Elias Black might not accept such a crown, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look good on him."

"This is Elias Black’s album; a dark, haunting and powerful swing at life and all its delusions. It’s a medium for frustration, a thought for tired heads and a fantastical bat for keeping the commercially bright skies at bay."

"Black has finally created something that is purely his own, and it is a definitive measure of his brilliance and odd creative meanderings."

"Elias Black is not straightforward rock, which is fine, because straight is deafeningly boring. Elias Black is abandon if you’re reckless, upbeat if you’re downtrodden and a thundering herd of “not giving a fuck,”"

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