Posted on 10 April 2017


Ladies & Gentlemen:

I'm very pleased to announce that the follow-up to my self-titled debut will be available on April 20. COLD, a short collection of 5 songs, runs for about 25 minutes. I'd like to think that it's a more focused offering of music, that I've grown as an artist, improved as a musician, and that I've...something profound to offer the world with my art. But I cannot promise that. What I can promise...is that I left a piece of me in these songs. And maybe that piece of me...well, maybe that piece of me will speak to some piece of you.

Unlike my first record, I've been lucky enough to have a few talented fellas contribute a track or two this time around. These guys play with me live, too...so if you catch a show this year, you'll see why I feel lucky to have 'em.

Ryan Chamberlain
Mister Nick
Ryan Hutman
Carlos Ochoa
Jimmy Wilson

...Thanks, guys. You've spent a lot of time both learning and improving the shit that comes out of my head and I love you for it. Special thanks to these two:

Hutman - Wouldn't have gotten some of these takes without you.

Chamberlain - You hear it all, sir...the good, the bad, and the terrible; yet somehow you manage to remain encouraging, unselfish, and supportive through it all. Thanks.

That's it. COLD will be available through all of the usual suspects on APRIL 20. CDs will be available right here on eliasblack.com. If you like having and holding a product, I'd recommend picking one up. Sam @ Pancake Foundry (http://www.pancakefoundry.com) created some amazing cover art that's really going to shine in printed form.




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